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March come in like a Lavender T-Rex

March supposedly comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but here in New England, that sounds more like April. I think March comes in like a T-Rex and goes out like a subdued lion at best. March is long. Aside from St. Patrick's day, no good holidays or days off. And Spring fever runs high. We plan our gardens for the summer. Plan summer vacations, camps for children and wait for giant egg laying bunnies to bestow us with chocolate. We look for tiny shoots of tulips, daffodils, and crocuses to appear. March is about hope and impatience.

So this year, I'd like to jump start the scent of fresh flowers and other botanicals with the addition of aromatherapy to my massage practice. I don't sell essential oils or subscribe to any particular company. And I don't believe they can replace medical care or cure ailments. But I do think they smell awesome and because the part of our brain that processes scent is so close to our emotional center, they can enhance our lives in almost mysterious ways.

As an introduction, the addition of aromatherapy is free. You get to pick your oils that I will mix into the regular massage oil that I use (currently fractionated coconut oil) in your own little bottle. After the session, you get to take the remainder home. Starting in April, this will still be available as an add on service for $10. To get an idea of the cost behind high quality oils: the oils themselves range in price from $4 - $30 for a half ounce and the massage/carrier oil that I use is about $60 a gallon! We will keep track of what recipes you like so we can blend them again for you in the future or you will know what to purchase to make it at home for yourself.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, Best, Lorryn

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