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Guys, I have been so stressed! I know I'm not alone with this.  I have been wracking my brain for ideas of how I can be of service during this time.  And then I remembered I own a business called STRESS SOLUTIONS.  So let's do just that.  One on one together to manage the crazy and bring back as many good vibes as possible.  It won't change what's going on around us, but will help us deal with it.  There are so many ways we can work together on this.  I can't wait to get started! The cost is $27 per session which lasts between 20-30 minutes.  Or you can purchase a package of 6 sessions $137.25 (15% discount) for a robust habit forming series of good vibes.  


Call for more info 978-927-1089 or....

Book online, anytime!  Well, almost.  


If you'd like a same day appointment, please call as the service only is programmed to work 24 hours in advance.  

Also, if you don't see a day/time that works for you, please call.  I can usually finagle something depending on the week!  

Just click that button below.

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