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Godzilla and the Power of Positive Thinking

Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect the innocent. I didn't really hang out with Jon Snow this afternoon.

Today, I picked up a freelance massage job in Cambridge because I had nothing better to do on my day off from the office. I sat through 1.5 hours of traffic only to arrive at a vague address without any obvious parking options. My out of state contact person wasn't picking up her phone nor accepting voice mail. Minutes ticked by until I decided on a random garage and asked strangers on the street to direct me to where I thought I might be going. I hustled up to the correct office with seconds to spare, no point of contact to be seen, in room not well designed to hold the 4 therapists that had been hired.

Grumpily I started sludging through 5 hours of 10 minute chair massages with no built in breaks. I sigh. I massage. I think about a career change. I massage some more. And then I decide I'm going to convince myself that I'm having fun. Every so often I say (in my head) in my most cheerful exuberant voice, "Oh My God, this is so much FUN!!!" and it becomes my own personal joke that cracks me up (also in my head) every single time I think it. This leads to other funny thoughts such as picturing Godzilla appearing from behind some tall buildings across the way from my window and how cool yet terrifying that would be and what my escape route might be if that happened. And after a bit, I'm just humming along through clients. Until this guy comes in for his session.

Behind me I hear a voice say something like, " John Snow here for my 10:30 massage" . I almost didn't say anything, but couldn't help myself because I'm just sort of like that. I turned to him and blurt, 'Hey, I went to school with a "John Snow". He looked up at me puzzled. Pause. "And it was YOU!" I happily announce as the wrinkle in time folded over 30+ years landing us back in Junior High french class.

I organized some break time amongst the other therapists and John Snow took me out for coffee at Starbucks. We filled each other in on our marriages, children, jobs etc. Suddenly, my day really had become "so much fun".

Power of positive thinking? A fluke? Not sure, but I'm willing to test this out again next time I'm feeling cranky.

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