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Gratitude and Attitude

Here we are on the verge of a divisive election quickly followed by the holiday season. So much going on. So much passion. So much stress.

One way I'm dealing with it is to spend less time and energy 'out there' - social media, what everyone else is thinking/doing and more time 'in here' - focusing on myself, my family and my work.

I posted a link on the FB page recently about 'is it better to be right or kind'. I strive for kind. If you think of it in terms of ice cream (I think about ice cream A LOT), it's fine if we all like different flavors. It really doesn't make me think you're bad or wrong if you think my flavor is gross or I think yours is weird. It doesn't matter. We can still enjoy our ice cream together. We can still enjoy each other.

During November I try to reel it in by thinking about the things I'm most grateful for and though they are usually the same cliche things over and over again, it's important to transfer the emphasis back to them. To bring myself back 'in here'. Sometimes my family will make a gratitude tree. This is what ours will start out looking like this year. Through the month we will fill it with colorful leaves on which we've written what we appreciate and love. It will then be our centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner.

There's a lot of negativity out there. Let's focus on the positive - not so we minimize what's not good or stick our heads in the sand, but will full knowledge of it so that we can choose to balance it out and live a freer happier existence. And while I'm at it, Thank YOU for supporting my work and trusting me to assist you with your wellness goals.

Together in health and peace,


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